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2010 NYRA President's Letter Print E-mail
Written by Pat Bernardo   
Hello NY State Racquetball Players,

This racquetball season (July 2009- June 2010) proved to be a difficult scheduling challenge.  Tournament dates continued to be refined up through late December.  Our State Calendar was repeatedly put on hold for printing as event dates shuffled around.  The Calendar of NY Racquetball Events is complete and you can download it now.

As some of you have heard, the AmPro Program is being redeveloped by the USAR.  There is much concern by instructors who are current under the old AmPro Program and how they will be treated going forward in the revised instructor program.  I can tell you that as an AmPro Instructor myself I am watching this develop and I have the current instructors interests at heart.  NYRA will have one of the first new program clinics as soon as the course outlines are finalized.  This date will be announced in early 2010.

The USAR has assured me that by the end of 2009 all their backlogged tournament results and memberships will be through the system.  If you’re having an issue with your new or renewed membership from September through December, don’t hesitate to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it so I can get it worked out.  We have very detailed records.

The Jim Winterton Membership Appreciation Clinics are scheduled for February and March.  Last season 25% of our members signed up for these half day basic racquetball clinics.  18% of you actually showed up.  This year there is a $10 fee to hold your spot.  We ended up turning would be players away because some locations were full only to have no shows.  That’s not fair…so this year we’re looking for a little more commitment upon signing up.  These events will fill up so sign up early via the link above..

For those of you looking for a full day, more indepth., more individually tailored instruction, Turning Stone Casino has built two new beautiful courts at their facility.  Jim Winterton has been asked to run a full camp at this new facility in January.  Here are more details.  If you want to hit the courts running in 2010, this is a great way to do it and it’s about ½ the price as you’d find anywhere else.  A true win/win.

NY State’s biggest tournament event is the NY City Pro Am held in Syosset.  If you want some of the best competition you can find and/or you want to see all the top pro racquetball players in the world, don’t miss this rare opportunity.  Click the link for more information about this great event.

NYRA continues to be one of the most financially sound states within the USAR organization.  It’s not that we have a lot of money to work with, we just try to make the best possible decisions with what we have.  Over the last decade, culminating last year, NYRA was able to setup a NY State Racquetball Scholarship fund.  This fund will grant the winning applicant approximately $1000 (the amount is based on the funds actual performance) towards college.  We believe this is the largest scholarship awarded for racquetball in the country at this time.  Any interested applicants should contact me or another board member in February for more information.  Applicants must reside in NY and be NYRA/USAR members for the previous 3 years to qualify.

It’s almost that time of year again when many of you will make your journey to Albany, NY for the NY State Singles Championships.  I know I’ve threatened this before, but this may be my last Championship as tournament director.  If you want to get your hands on one of the last fleeces we may produce start arranging your schedule now.  I really look forward to seeing everyone over this weekend and I hope YOU can make this year’s event in person.

As always, if you have any racquetball related issue, I’m always an e-mail away.

Pat Bernardo
NYRA President