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Pat ColomboIn 2004, the NY State Racquetball Association inducted Patrick Colombo Captain (ret) American Airlines as it's first official inductee into the state's Racquetball Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, in June of 2004, shortly after receiving his award, Pat passed away. Please read the accomplishments of an extraordinary Racquetball Player and person.
Pat won over 200 tournaments throughout his 35 year career in racquetball competition. Coordinating with his job, Pat played at every level around the US and the World. He was a common figure at the Nationals, Master Nationals and many international competitions.
He had his greatest success in the 1980 and early 90's. He played with and against many of New York States finest racquetball players such as Ruben Gonzalez, Charlie Garfinkel, Jim Winterton and Saal Lesser. When asked who his toughest competitor was: "No doubt, it would have to be Charlie Garfinkel." Pat and his partner lost to Garfinkel/Shapiro in the NYS Finals in Buffalo, NY in 1982. He considered the NYS Finals one of his toughest and finest match because of Charlie.
Pat put together an outstanding string of victories over a ten year period:
1977AARA National 40+ Singles Championship
1981AARA National Masters Singles Championship (won every game and match from the beginning of the tournament thru the finals---an unusual feat)
1982 NYS Doubles (lost to Charlie Garfinkel/Shapiro Finals Buffalo, NY
ATC Airline Pilots National RB Open Gold Medal Singles championship
1983 AARA Nationals 45+ Doubles Championship with Pete Talbot
1984 AARA National 50+ Singles Championship, Houston
AARA National 45+ Doubles Championship with Dr Bud Muehleisen
AARA National 50+ Doubles championship with Dr Bud Muehleisen
World Masters 50+Singles championship Houston
1985 National 55+ Doubles Championship with Tom Waltz
1986 AARA National 50+ Doubles championship with Paul Banales
NJ State 50+ Doubles Championship with Joe Jackman
1987 Gold Medal Masters Olympics 50+ Singles championship Toronto
1988 AARA National 55+ Doubles championship with Paul Banales
AARA Golden Masters 55+ Singles Championship
1989 Golden Masters 55+ Doubles Championship with Paul Banales
1990 National Golden Masters 60+ Doubles Champiuonship with Bob McNamara
1996 National International Doubles 45+ Tokyo, Japan with Joe Jackman
Pat grew up in the Bronx and later moved to Mt. Vernon, NY where he helped his father run their fuel oil business. He was a hands on worker and spent many years repairing furnaces in the Bronx and Westchester while getting his degree from NYU. Pat entered the USAF and flew jet single engines from 1955 to 1958. After which he spent 33 years with American Airlines as a commercial jet pilot. Pat called Scarsdale, NY home for the past 35 years. He was survived by three grown daughters and 5 granddaughters whom he adored.